Happy 65th birthday to us!!

The Triangle Glenavon Supporters Club celebrates its 65th birthday on Tuesday. The first meeting was held on 14th October 1949 with 19 members present, the nucleus being members of Lurgan Boys Club, winners of the Irish Junior Cup in 1946. These included their last surviving member Sam Brown (still attending games), as well as the late Noel Uprichard who served as Treasurer for over 50 years.

The motto of the Club is “WIN, LOSE OR DRAW”, representing the 3 sides to a triangle, hence the name. Indeed the motto has served the Club well over the years given the rollercoaster ride Glenavon FC has given its fans.

The Triangle is the largest of all the Glenavon Supporters Clubs with 130 members, and runs a bus to every away game. They have their own fully licensed Clubroom underneath the Geddis Stand at Mourneview Park, with all profits going to the parent club.

It is estimated that since inception, the Triangle has contributed around £300,000 to the Glenavon coffers, as well as around £40,000 to local charities.

The Triangle, as well as the other Glenavon Supporters Clubs, has seen an increase in membership over the past couple of season, due the revival of fortunes for Glenavon under manager Gary Hamilton. And it hopes that long may that continue!


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